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Hot Deals Guide: How to Get Stuff Cheap or Free (Page 1 of 5)

Posted: August 10, 2003
Written By: Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy


Nothing is quite as satisfying as scoring a killer deal. Getting a great price makes you feel smart and sensible, and doesn't make impulse buying feel as bad as it does when you pay too much for something. Everything is justified when it's cheap. But nowadays it seems like anything can be had for cheap. With Internet shopping portals like and Ebay, deals can be had daily that rival only the most incredible sales in stores.

So these days, getting a good deal isn't good enough. What's satisfying about getting a good deal if everyone else is getting a good deal? Not much. With this concept we introduce the Internet "Hot Deals" phenomenon: a process of using coupons, price-matching, rebates, discounts, and a large community of bargain hunters to make good deals into incredible deals and make all your friends jealous.

This guide will explain in detail how to work the system and obtain the best of the Internet's "Hot Deals". It will help you avoid not-so-hot deals and get the most of the better ones. It will also supply a list of links to deals sites of many kinds, so you'll have a start page to begin your treasure hunt. Feel free to skip through the basic sections as they are mostly written for newbies. With that said, enjoy! If you're simply looking to jump straight into some deals, go here for our deals page.

How Good Are the Deals?

Are the deals that good? I mean is it worth waiting for mail-in rebates and scavenging the 'net to save a few bucks? Yes!

Most of the time, the deals will only save you about 10-20% compared to the best price you can find online. But that's not bad to start with. Other times you can save 50-90, sometimes even 100%. I've seen several "freebies" that would normally cost $50-100+. There are even very rare instances where you can acquire something for free and make money on it. While these deals usually require the most work to accomplish, they offer very high rewards: getting paid to buy stuff - wow!

The more you know about the deals and how they work, the more likely you are to find a good deal and to make it an even better deal. The harder you work toward the deal, the better it usually comes out. This guide will help you reach a decent level of understanding that should help you acquire some decent deals.

The Bad Thing About Deals...

Generally if you start browsing deals forums and reading sites, you'll have a problem with buying products you probably don't need or normally wouldn't have purchased. You'll see a good price and say, "Well, I kind of need that" or, "That's not a bad price, I might as well buy it". No matter how much of a tightwad you are or how seldom you make impulse buys, you WILL buy more items when you start searching for deals. Granted, you'll have a lot of cool toys to show for it, but you'll have to buy most of them. Take this as a warning - and yes, I am serious. You will buy more goods than ever before.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's start your hot deals training.

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