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AGP Aperture Size Examined (Page 3/4)

Posted: August 29, 2002
Written by: Kayron James Mercieca and Dan "Tweak Monkey" Kennedy.

Benchmark Results

The 3DMark 2001 results are measured in “3DMarks” which is the unit the program itself uses. The results for Z II – Steel Soldiers are measured in FPS (Frames Per Second).

Here, it's clear that as the AAS goes up, the score increases, to a point.

The frame rate is consistent with minor dips at 4 and 64 MB. Not conclusive.

The crash below 16 MB is explained later. The 256 MB crash was odd...

The outcome was nearly identical with this test.

As you may have noticed, some settings of AGP aperture size were not recorded for the 64MB DDR based card. This is due to a problem encountered which caused the system to completely crash when Windows loaded. 3DMark 2001 crashed back to the desktop while loading a test before even the fourth out of twenty tests. The 32MB SDR based card managed well with any AAS settings, but performance fluctuated slightly.

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